Errol Spence vs Carlos Ocampos

By Orlando Lozada

In a loaded welterweight division, there might be one fighter who stands above all, Errol Spence. The 28-year-old fighter is considered the best among of crop of super talented fighters at 147 by many boxing aficionados. On this night he follows in the steps of  Deontay Wilder, Danny Garcia, Terrance Crawford and others, in bringing a fight to his hometown, Dallas Tx.

The night opens with Adrian  Granados vs Javier Fortuna . This fight was a wrestling match with slugfest moments thru out. It would seem Granados seemed more interested in wrestling then he did fighting. But when watching close, you would see Fortuna holding Granados arms during clenches. Granados was marching forward closing the distance between the two, so to me it was hard to determine who was actually causing all the clinching. Towards the end of the 3rd Fortuna landed a pair of big lefts. Granados took them well but he they scored. The fight had exciting moments in each round and the potential for a good fight was developing. Then came round 4.

Granados continued to march forward and Fortuna continued to wrap him up. Then Fortuna threw and landed a rabbit punch. Referee Robert Chapa immediately deducted a point. Later in the round he was deducted again for holding Fortuna, Chapa had seen enough. Then Fortuna landed another series of power shots one after another but with 10 seconds left Granados went back to walking forward, the distance closed, they clenched then suddenly Fortuna  was out of the ring. Fortuna’s body bent backwards like he was doing crunches off the side of the apron reminiscent of an old rocky workout scene. I wasn’t sure if the fight would continue at 1st but moments later the Fortuna was having a neck brace applied and was carried out on a stretcher.

The fight was ruled a no decision because the fight did not go 4 full rounds. Granados said he didn’t believe that he was hurt and that “he was looking for a way out” but I seen Fortuna landing some solid shots.  Granados said he would like to do a rematch. If the fight and not wrestle, I would like to see it.


Next on the Showtime card was Danny Roman vs Moises Flores. This was scheduled to be a title fight but Flores didn’t make-weight and had to lose 2 lbs in the alloted time but was only able to lose a half pound.

The fight went on and it started off in Roman’s favor in the 1st. Roman was surgical with his left, landing and countering to the body. In the 2nd Flores had a pretty good round. He was very active and semi accurate. Roman did land some more lefts and finished the last-minute more accurate. It was tough to say who won that round in my eyes but it would become very clear thru the rest of the fight. The fight went this way thru 3, 4 and 5. You could see Roman landing the cleaner harder shots, but Flores was very active and landing as well. Flores seemed off-balance when throwing at times while Roman was staying patient and countered to the body repeatedly. Thru 6 rounds  Roman landed over 100 body shots.

In the 7th you start to notice Flores keeping his elbows in and his leaning forward lowering his head. Roman was clearly in control of the fight at this point, and many viewers were already stating Roman was in control. I gotta give Flores credit , he didn’t stop walking forward and throwing bombs. If he was more accurate and used his height advantage it might have gone a different way. But it didn’t and by the time it was over, Roman landed a staggering 175 body shots and another 174 head shots. 125 or so more then Flores. The body shots took a toll as Flores punches lost steam in the late rounds but he still fought hard. It was a one sided affair on the score cards but still an entertaining fight to watch. The judges scored unanimously in favor of Roman 116-112 118-110 120-108.

Now that the undercard was finished, it was time for the main event witht the hometown kid. Spence came out decked in Dallas Cowboy’s colors representing to the fullest. Ocampo came to fight and fought pretty hard thru most of rd 1. He didn’t seem overwhelmed by the moment. He landed some good body shots. Then BANG! A devastating left to the body putsOcampo down on the canvas. Ocampo did not attempt to get up before the 10 count. And just like that the fight was over. Spence himself stated he was dissapointed as he wanted to put on a longer show for the crowd. Ocampo however was unable to continue.

During the post fight interview Spence stated he would like the winner of the Garcia-Porter fight. He seemed more interested in Garcia.  The division is loaded and if all these fights take place and Spence or another fighter can come out on top, they have the chance to go down as one of the all-time greats. That is no easy task with the caliber of competition and potentially Mikey Garcia crashing the party. Boxing has always produced its biggest stars from the welterweight and heavyweight division. And it appears there is another golden era with the former just getting started.

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