Anthony Joshua VS Carlos Takam

Anthony Joshua VS Carlos Takam

By: Michael Davis

Oct. 28 2017 – Anthony Joshua (19-0-19 KO’s) took on Carlos Takam (35-3-1 -27 KO’s)

Although this isn’t the fight fans wanted to see with Joshua coming off his victory of Vladir Klitschko in April, this is the fight they got. Joshua was supposed to fight Kubrat Pulev, but due to a shoulder injury, Pulev was unable to fight. Don’t get me wrong Carlos Takam is no amateur, he’s been in with some worthy adversaries, but in front of the biggest indoor crowd to watch a fight in history (78,000 at Principality Stadium) you would already think that Takam was out of his league. I have to admit that when Takam came out to Nas’s & I Know I Can & it gave me a little bit of hope, but then Joshua came out to Martha Reeves and The Vandellas & Nowhere to Run & it reminded me of his fight with Klitschko, and I remebered the uppercut Joshua hit him with! There was really nowhere to hide from it. Tonight Joshua just looked menacing coming in at a almost 20 pounds heavier then his opponent! The Martha Reeves song was cut short, only for Joshua to walk the rest of the entrance to the roar of the crowd, which was even more ¬†intimidating.


As the first round started you really got a sense of how much bigger Joshua was compared to Takam, althought Takam never showed he felt like he was the smaller guy. The early rounds were as excepted, more of a feel out then anything else. There was a head butt that gave Joshua a bloody nose early in the second round. Joshua started the fourth round out with a beautiful four punch combo. Later on in the round Joshua landed a left hook that made Takam put his glove on the canvas. By the fifth round Joshua really showed his dominance, althought in the sixth and seventh Takam seemed to do a little more than in any other rounds. The eighth round seemed to go the same as the sixth and seventh until the last minute when Joshua seemed to come alive to take the round. The tenth round was Joshua’s best round, with Takam getting cut again this time on the other eye, I guess the ref had seen enough cause he stopped the fight midway through the 10th round. Althought it was a contervisiual stoppage I don’t think TAKAM would have won the fight anyway. Takam did would he could in that fight and I guess that’s what matters! Anthony Joshua (AJ) by TKO! Bring on Wilder!

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