Ramos vs Santana

March 9th 2019 PBC on FOX

Dignity Health Sports Park , Carson Ca

Abel Ramos squared of with Franciso Santana in an exciting bout that was full of action in the co-main event of PBC on Fox. The 2 traded punches for most of the early rounds. Lots of power shots back and forth, both landing. Santana scored an early knockdown in the 2nd but Ramos won 3, 4 and 5 on my card.

As the bout progressed I noticed Ramos landing more flush, clean shots. His punches are harder and more effective but Santana is still game. Ramos makes great use of his job setting up his power shots. Cut, bleeding and bruised from Santanas onslaught, BANG, Ramos lands a mean uppercut in the 7th that hurt Santana. Ramos followed up with a vicious combo to end the round. Had there been another 30 seconds left, Ramos might have got the knock down but Santana survives.

Ramos started the 8th moving forward looking to apply the pressure but Santana looked full recovered over the course of the round.

The 10th round was going Ramos way for the 1st couple minutes. Santana landed a clean shot around the 1 minute mark and tried to follow up but it Ramos was too much for Santana on this night. Ramos wins on all 3 score cards 95-94, 97-92, 98-92.


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